insrcdata : embed your data

a source code generator for embedding tabular data as a static array

insrcdata is available for the languages: 


Given a table containg a list of prime ministers :
identifier name birth country country name
DavidCameron David Cameron 1966 GB United Kingdom
GordonBrown Gordon Brown 1951 GB United Kingdom
RomanoProdi Romano Prodi 1939 IT Italy

With insrcdata you will be able to :

• retrieve individual elements

let g_brown = Ministers::GordonBrown;

• access their attributes

println!("{} was born in {}.",, g_brown.birth());

• navigate between linked tables

println!("He was prime minister of {}.",;

• use indexed searches

for minister in Minister::birth_range(1900, 1960) {

• perform reverse lookup between tables

for minister in Countries::Gb.ministers() {

and many more things...